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Build Season:

Jan. 7 through Feb. 21st – Tuesday through Friday (3:15-6:30) and Saturdays (8am-3pm)

Upcoming Events

Expectations For Lettering

  1. Registration at FIRST Click on new student button; then click on the FRC button; our team number is 2549
  2. Check made out to Washburn High School for the fee of $60
  3. 80% attendance of Pre builds
  4. 80% of build season
  5. Attendance at the Regional Competition
  6. GPA of 2.75 for lettering
  7. Snacks for lots of people which includes pop and small bags of snacks (large bags when opened go stale)
  8. Parent/guardian needs to sign up for 2 half days to chaperone on a Saturday at school or at an event plus attend a half day of the competition at Mariucci Arena
  9. At Regionals – you are expected to participate. (scouting, button making, Data entry)
  10. Sign up for at least one Saturday lunch here
  11. Two years of team membership.


Welcome to the online home of the Washburn Robotics team 2549. We are a group of high school students 9th-12th grade. Each year we build 120lb robots to complete challenges posed by a new game we get each year. Come join our team!
-Washburn Millerbots

Millerbot Schedule