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Monday, Feb 15

This is the Washburn Millerbots’ third full workday this weekend as we enter week six of the build season. We’re working on updating our pit for competition and finishing our mockup field elements (I can smell the paint,) and build team and programming are Synergizing to both Synthesize new Strategies to cross more field elements than before and make me use big S words, because they thing it’s funny or something. My mind is no longer my own.

We had four team member birthdays this weekend: Tony, Aaron, Grant, and Thomas T! Cake abounded at the potlucks, and there’s probably some still kicking around somewhere.

Week 5 Update

It’s week 5 and the robot is coming along. Scouting is finished with their system. The business sub-team is figuring out media branding/graphic design, fundraising, finding sponsors, and creating a pamphlet to give to businesses. Programming is working on coding a vision system, so far the robot can follow the color green. Communications is working on polishing and revamping our social media. Build and electrical are hard at work on the robot. Game pieces are being built to help us improve our strategies, so we can see what our robot can and cannot do.
We will not be attending the week zero event at Simley High School, but we will be attending the Duluth Regional on March 5th. We are extremely excited for this event, hopefully everyone can get to go!

Bag & Tag

Tomorrow, February 17th, is the last day of the build season meaning it’s time to bag and tag our robot! Team members are more than welcome to invite anyone that is interested in what we’ve been doing these few months, for an informational meeting as well as snacks tomorrow in LeFeber’s room from 6-7:30pm. Hope to see you there!

Week-5: A Whole New Bot

Apparently we had more perfecting to do and kinks to work out than we thought. In the last week we have almost completely reconstructed the manipulator. We have added, among other improvements: a larger lifting piston, structural supports, piston restrictors, and a tote stabilization device. In terms of more standard improvements we have mounted our electronics and our pneumatic cylinders. We are reaching our last full build week, but we definitely aren’t slowing down now! Let’s keep up the good work team. Thank you to all our parents and sponsors, and have a nice weekend.

Week-4: Moving Bot!



After a few weeks of hard work our robot is beginning to really take shape and function well! The whole team has been working together, building, wiring, and programming the little guy. At this point, as long as he has some assistance, our robot can lift totes, drive around, and set totes down. Good job team, now it’s time to work out the kinks and perfect our bot so we will be all ready for the bag and tag in 2 weeks and the competition in 2 months.


Welcome to the online home of the Washburn Robotics team 2549. We are a group of high school students 9th-12th grade. Each year we build 120lb robots to complete challenges posed by a new game we get each year. Come join our team!
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