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We need your help!!!

Hello Millerbots and acquaintances,
As you may have been able to tell from the previous post, we are ecstatic to be going to Worlds!

To cut to the chase, we’re going to need to raise as much money as possible to fund our trip to Detroit. If you would, please consider donating money to our Gofundme. Please alert and notify your friends and family of the exciting situation we’re in and ask them to help us out!

Thank you for your continuous support of Robotics!!!



Hello Millerbot famlies and friends,


This was the first year that the millebots have competed in 2 competitions.

First, we went to Iowa, we placed 38th out of 61, won 4 out of our 9 games and had a ranking score of 1.22. We learned a lot from Iowa and perfected many techniques that we used at Mariucci.

At Mariucci (in Minneapolis) we did quite well, we won 7 of our 10 matches which put us in 8th place and brought us into the quarter finals. Unfortunately, we lost both matches that would’ve allowed us to move on in the tournament. Overall we are very proud of being in the top 8 and being able to choose 2 teams to go with us into quarter finals.


Last but certainly not least, we won an award at Mariucci.  We won the Regional Engineering Inspiration Award, and that is allowing us to go to … WORLDS,  YAAAAAAAY. Our entrance fee is being covered by NASA because of the award.

Worlds this year is being hosted in both Detroit and Houston. We will be traveling to Detroit for Worlds. Dates are the 24th of April to the 28th of April.

We will keep you posted for more information about Worlds.


Week 6

Hello fellow Millerbots

We are on week 6!!! We are finishing up the robot, and hope to finished by Saturday but by the current look of things we aren’t quite there yet.

We will be meeting on Saturday along with Friday and on the following Monday from from 8-3 (possibly longer)

Have A Good Day


Progress Report

Hello there Millerbots,
This week we worked on the robot (first not second) and now we have the freshman working on the second. Brynn and Olivia are hard at work trying to get the Chairmans award. Also Jack, Max, and other members worked on making prop replicas of the field.


Progress Report

Hello fellow Millerbots

Last week we had a wonderful week full of building, we also made great progress and we hope to continue the trend.  We are close to perfecting the manipulator and we have started to build and perfect the elevator.  We also hope that we will begin to drive the robot by the end of the week.


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