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End of Pre-build

Hello parents and members,


This Wednesday marks the end of prebuild, where we teach safety to both old and new members. Last Saturday a couple of our members went to SPLASH, where they learned about making their robot prettier, how to build faster and a lot more efficiently, as well as diversity.


We hope to see you during build season!

Prebuild Update

Hello members new and old,


During the past few months the robotics team has been hard at work on prebuild. Around the end of October the new members went from working on vex/small scale robots to the real deal. Creating a robot that would have to follow tournament standards. This allows the members to get a feel for how we work together, letting them learn how the sub-teams work. This includes building, wiring, coding, driving etc. The goal is to include everyone and help them make the choice of what sub-team they want to join, also giving them basic knowledge on how to build in general.


Go Millers!!



Hey everyone,

Whether this is your first visit to our site or your 30,000th, welcome!

As we head back to school on the 28th of August, we start our robotics pre-build season. There will be an announcement sometime around late September into early October, detailing when we will have our kickoff meeting. Anyone can join the team, no matter if you’ve never used a power tool or if you’re an old pro, we teach all team members how to safely used the team tools.

Stay tuned for more information about our kickoff meeting

Competition update

The past few days have been interesting to say the least. Thursday was full of fixing many different parts of the robot and getting inspected.

Friday was a day filled with qualification matches. The first few of matches were less than ideal, we had chains break and connection issues, along with our climber getting stuck on a gear peg, causing us to not climb fully. Finally in our last match of the day we scored four gears and attempted climbing again, getting very close but not quite triggering the touch pad. We, along with our alliance finished off the game strong and won!!

Big thanks to parent drivers and spectators for all of your support. We couldn’t do it without you!!

We have matches tomorrow at 10:04 am and 10:52 am .

Let’s go MILLERBOTS!!!!

Competition Schedule

 Wednesday 5th– Loading in robot and setting up pit. Be at WHS at 3:00 PM to help. We then have gap time until we can put everything in Mariucci at around 6:30. (Aaron or Andrew, Eli, Jameson, Lars, Meredith). Done  by 8 at latest

Thursday 6th-Practice matches. Select people(you know who you are). Be at WHS by 7:30 we leave by 7:45. Done by 8 at latest

Friday 7th– Be at WHS by 7:20am, early car leaving at 7:20. Qualification matches ending at 5:45pm followed by awards and then team dinner at Annie’s parlor(pay your own way). Everyone there. Done around nine. Pick-up at Annie’s Parlor.

Saturday 8th-Be at WHS by 7:20am, early car leaving at 7:20. Qualification matches and alliance selection before lunch, playoffs after lunch. Awards at 4:30 done by 6:30.

An email detailing drivers for each day was sent out earlier this week and more info will be going out to them soon, via email.